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Orthochaetes insignis (Aubé, 1863)
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branched galleries


Food Plant:
Cyclamen spp.,Viola canina var ericatorum, Viola tricolor ssp. curtisii, Rumex acetosella , Plantago maritima (Sea Plantain), Umbilicus sp.

Mine: unknown but possibly January-April

Notes: A widespread polyphagous leaf miner, most often recorded from coastal locations. It forms branching mines, usually originating from the petiole. The frass is loose and in the middle of the gallery and usually missing in the blind side branches. The larva can change leaves. The life history is largely unknown but may resemble that of O.setiger. The mine shown is on Umbilicus - a new unconfirmed host plant in the UK.

Data: 21.ii.2018, Gweek, West Cornwall, VC1

Image:© George Tordoff

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