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contributing & photography

Digital photography is becoming an increasingly popular choice for photographing leaf miners. It has the advantages in that the results are immediate, several photographs can be taken and then the best selected. The images can then be manipulated in the phot/paintshop packages.

Many images on this site were taken with the Nikon Coolpix range, such as the 885, 990, 995 or 4500

The use of a light box for preserved and fresh leaves is advantageous as the frass patterns can then be clearly seen, failing that the mines can be held against a window and photographed. The use of a tripod, or some way of keeping the camera still is essential.

Modern scanners fitted with a light-lid also allow for high resolution pictures to be taken and use has been made of this technique to compile this CD. Results are similar to those obtained using a light box, and can be manipulated as described above. Models that enable images to be scanned as transparencies up to 5" x 4" include Epson Perfection 2450 Photo, and Canon Canoscan D2400UF.

We welcome high quality images for use on the site and you would retain the copyright to those images. Please send the images in (preferably .jpg format) to me. They will appear on the site at around 600 pixels wide.

At busy times of the year it may take a time for the photos to be uploaded.

Please contact me for futher guidance.

Regional contacts are:

North: Ian Kimber

Midlands and East Anglia: David Manning, Barry Dickerson, Colin Plant

West: Martin Ellis

South: Rob Edmunds