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4.068 Trifurcula immundella (Zeller, 1839)
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egg (centre) with gallery leqding from it


Food Plant: Cystisus scoparius (Broom)

Egg: on branch

Mine: September-May

Notes: A conspicuous egg (as shown), which indicates this species and not the similar looking mine created by Leucoptera spartifoliella. A long black straight gallery is formed, which passes down the twig initially (which enables distinction with the similar mine of Leucoptera spartifoliella). The mine then changes direction and the spaces between the ridges stain black as the mine fills them. The early mine is shown. The branches may appear stained black as the mines develop. The larva is yellow.

Data: 01.xii.2013, Wentwood Forest, Monmouthshire, VC35

Image:© George Tordoff

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