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4.065 Trifurcula cryptella (Stainton, 1856)
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the gallery follows the leaf margin, before expanding into a blotch mine

Food Plant: Lotus spp. (Trefoils) eg L. pendunculatus (Greater bird's-foot Trefoil), L. corniculatus (Birds'-foot trefoil)

Egg: Underside of leaf

Mine: June - August

Notes: An initial gallery, which usually follows the leaf margin. Then forms a blotch, mining from the leaf base to the tip (as shown). The larva is pale yellow, with a pale brown head. Moths reared to confirm identity. The presence of a pupa in the mine is unusual for this species and may indicate parasitism. Mine found on Lotus pendunculatus (Greater bird's-foot Trefoil). The mine is similar to that formed by T.eurema.

National Status: Nationally Scarce A

Bradley No: 48

Data: 04.vii.2005, Hookheath Meadows NR, Hants,VC11, John Langmaid & Richard Dickson

Image:© Ian Thirlwell

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