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4.059 Stigmella svenssoni (Johanson, 1971)
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the larva is yellow with a pale brown head


Food Plant: Quercus robur (Pendunculate Oak), Q. petraea (Sessile Oak)

Egg: underside of leaf

Mine: July-September

Notes: Forms a long, relatively wide mine (a developing mine is shown). The larva is yellow, with a brown head. The frass is initially in a thin central line, but later may vary from a thin central line to frass almost filling the mine. The moth was bred (and gen det) to confirm identity. An uncommon, but widely spread leaf miner.

National Status: Local

Bradley No: 87

Data: 22.viii.2010, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, VC34

Image:© Guy Meredith

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