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15.062 Phyllonorycter staintoniella (Nicelli, 1853)
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the leaf folds up into a pod


Food Plant: Genista pilosa (Hairy Greenweed)

Egg: on the upper surface of a leaf

Mine: May-June, July-August, September-October

Notes: Initially makes a small flat, greenish-white mine, which stains red close to the egg. It then spins the leaf, which folds upwards forming a pod (as shown). A very rare leafminer found in 1984 by Bob Heckford on the North Coast of Cornwall. The moth may have a very narrow range due to the scarcity of its foodplant in the UK

National Status: pRDB1

Bradley No: 340a

Data: 04.iv.2008, near Porthtowan, Cornwall, VC1

Image:© Bob Heckford

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