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15.090 Phyllocnistis saligna (Zeller, 1839)
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the larva mines into the petiole


Food Plant: Salix alba (White Willow), Salix babylonica (Weeping Willow), Salix purpurea (Purple Willow), Salix fragilis (Crack Willow). Salix triandra (Almond Leaved Willow), Salix pentandra (Bay Willow)

Egg: Lower surface of leaf

Mine: June, August -October

Pupa: Under a membrane on the margin of leaf

Notes: A tortuous lower epidermal mine with a central brownish frass-line. The larva then mines into the petiole and subsequently into a second leaf, normally opposite, where it creates another similar epidermal mine (as shown).

Data: 29.viii.2004, Melton, Suffolk, VC 25, Neil Sherman

Image:© Tony Prichard

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