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15.070 Phyllonorycter quinqueguttella (Stainton, 1851)
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Food Plant: Salix repens (Creeping Willow), S.arenaria (Sandhill Creeping Willow)

Mine: July; September-October

Notes: The underside mine causes the leaf to curl downwards forming a tube, as the mine can occupy the whole of a leaf (on small leaves). Found in marshy and sandy coastal areas, where the foodplant occurs. A local species. The mines may be found on Willows obscured by other low growing plants such as grasses and heathers.The cremaster is shown and has two outer spines, which are curved and two inner ones which lie on the base of the cremaster.

Data: 14.xi.2010, Strensall Common, North-East Yorkshire, VC62, Kathleen Rosewarne

Image:© Ian Barton

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