European Lep:Lithocolletinae
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Phyllonorycter populifoliella (Treitschke, 1833)
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P.populifoliella on right; P connexella on left
P.populifoliella on right; P connexella on left


Food Plant: Populus canadensis (Canadian Poplar), P. carolinensis (Carolina Poplar), P. nigra (Black Poplar).

Mine: June, July, October

Notes: Forms a lower surface mine which mostly lies against a rib. Pupation is in a cocoon (visible in the photo). The mine on the left is Phyllonorycter connexella. There may be many mines in a leaf. Can be a common species in Europe. Mines shown on Populus x canadensis (Canadian Poplar).

Data: 12.x.2020, Nieuw-Buinen, drenthe, The Netherlands

Image:© Ben van As

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