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15.0862 Phyllonorycter pastorella (Zeller, 1846)
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four curved cremaster spines
the cremaster has four curved spines


Food Plant: Food Plant: Salix euxina (Crack Willow), S x sepulchralis (Weeping Willow), S x pendulina (Weeping Crack-Willow) , S. x fragilis (Hydrid Crack-Willow)

Mine: September

Notes: The mines are larger than any Brtish Phyllonorycters on long-leaved Willows. The pupal cremaster is shown and has four curved spines

Data: 26.x.2014, Buckingham Palace Gardens, London, Middx., VC21 (top, which is mounted in glycerine); 21.ix.2005, The Netherlands (bottom photo)

Image:© Tim Freed (top); Willem Ellis (bottom)


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