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15.001 Parectopa ononidis (Zeller, 1839)
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a full depth mine is centered over the midrib

Food Plant: Trifolium spp. (Clover) - especially T.pratense (Red Clover); Ononis spp. (restharrow)

Egg: Underside of leaves

Mine: August-April;May-June;July-August

Notes: The initial mine is a twisting gallery in the lower epidermis. The frass is red-brown or blackish and in a central line. The larva then makes a full depth mine and forms a brown branched blotch above the midrib. The frass is ejected from the mine and the larva can change leaves. The dipterous mines of Agromyza nana may show some similarity but these lack the spinning over the midrib and are greenish-white.

National status: Nationally Scarce B

Bradley No: 299

Data: 09.ix.2012, Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire, VC31

Image:© Barry Dickerson

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