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15.045 Phyllonorycter mespilella (Hübner, [1805])
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leaf contracts


Food Plant: Sorbus spp. including Sorbus torminalis (Wild Service tree), S.aucuparia (Rowan), S.aria (Whitebeam), Pyrus communis (Wild Pear)

Mine: July; September-November

Notes: A long narrow mine between two lateral ribs on the underside of a leaf. It is 20-30mm long and has many folds. The contraction of the lower epidermis causes the leaf to roll and form a tube (as shown). The upper surface of the leaf is mottled. Pupation occurs within a pale brown cocoon. Mine shown on Sorbus torminalis (Wild Service tree).

Data: 17.x.2020, Hell Coppice, Bucks, VC24

Image:© Will Langdon

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