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4.086 Ectoedemia heckfordi Van Nieukerken, A. Laštuvka & Z. Laštuvka, 2010
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blotch mines at the leaf edge

Food Plant: Quercus robur and Q.petraea the UK

Mine: August - early September in the UK

Notes: Discovered in 2004 in Devon by Bob Heckford. So far, both in the British Isles and continental Europe, it is unknown outside a small area in Devon. The mines are invariably near the edge of the leaf and are rather like E. albifasciella (which is rarely nearly the edge) - but the early mine is more contorted and the mature mine is a good deal bigger. The larva is green and there are two frass lines.

National Status: pRDB1

Bradley No: 35a

Data: ix.2004, Devon, John Langmaid

Image:© © Ian Thirlwell

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