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15.014 Gracillaria syringella (Fabricius, 1794)
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contorted blotch mines are formed

Food Plant: Ligustrum (Privet), Fraxinus (Ash) Jasminum (Jasmine) or Syringa (Lilac)

Egg: Next to midrib, often in a row of up to 8 together.

Mine: June, August-September.

Pupa: In a cocoon, underside of leaf or on leaf-litter.

Notes: Larvae usually gregarious. Early mine an epidermal gallery leading to a contorted blotch with black frass (as shown on Privet). Subsequently two successive cones formed by folding the tip of a leaf downwards. Formerly Caloptilia syringella

Natiional Status: Common

Bradley No: 293

Data: 2002, Fleet, Hants, VC12

Image: © Rob Edmunds

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