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37.029 Coleophora orbitella Zeller, 1849
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the case is formed from two leaf fragments

Food Plant: Betula spp. (birch), Alnus sp. (Alder),(Corylus avellanae (Hazel) and Carpinus betulae (Hornbeam) in Europe)

Egg: beneath the leaf

Mine: August - April

Notes: The final case is brown and is tubular with slight dorsal and ventral keels (as shown). The case is made from two leaves, with the intial leaf turning grey and the newer leaf brown (as shown). The mine is shown on Betula pendula. A local and widespread species in the UK. Found most often in Alder Carrs and stands of mature birches on heaths.

National Status: Nationally scarce B

Bradley No: 511

Data: 19.x.2008, Liège, Belgium

Image:© Jean-Yves Baugnée

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