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37.061 Coleophora lixella Zeller, 1849
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a case is made from mined grass

Food Plant: Thymus spp. (Thyme)

Egg: Laid on flower

Mine: August - May

Notes: Initially it feeds on the seeds of thyme and then uses the seedhead as a case. It overwinters in this case and starts feeding again in March on grass spp. It then makes a case from the mined blade of grass (as shown). This case is enlarged to finally 11mm in length. Occurs where Thyme grows eg chalk downland, rocky slopes. Occurs throughout the UK - mainly coastal in Scotland and on limestone in ireland.

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Bradley No: 530

Data: 03.iv.2012, near Slad, Glos.,VC33

Image:© Guy Meredith

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