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37.103 Coleophora follicularis (Vallot, 1802)
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banded case


Food Plant: Inula conyza (Ploughman’s Spikenard), Pulicaria (Common Fleabane), Eupatorium (Hemp-agrimony)

Mine: August to September, then May to June when on Inula. July to August, then April to May when on Eupatorium.

Notes: Larva mines leaves. On Eupatorium the case is extended at the anal end by adding silk and widened by cutting a ventral gusset. On Inula the case is firstly extended by adding rings of leaf-cuticle at the oral end, before reverting to the method used when on Eupatorium. The full-grown case is 10mm long

Data: 18.v.2019, Rodden Nature Reserve, North Somerset, VC6

Image:© Jenny Vickers

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