Lep: Coleophoridae
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37.044 Coleophora discordella Zeller, 1849
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makes a ringed case

Food Plant: Lotus corniculatus (Common bird's-foot trefoil), Lotis pedunculatus (Greater bird's-foot trefoil)

Egg: underside of leaf, normally in the angle between veins

Mine: August-May

Notes: Found widely in a variety of habitats throughout the UK. The initial mine is like that of a nepticulid. The case is made form excised leaf portions, which are added to the oral end, leading to the ringed appearance (as shown). The larva causes the leaf to have white blotches. Identification cannot be made on these alone as similar blotches can be made by early instar larvae of the Common Blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus)

National Status: Common

Bradley No: 547

Data: 20.v.2005, Cromwell Bottom NR, West Yorkshire, VC63

Image:© Paul Talbot

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