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15.005 Caloptilia betulicola (Hering, 1928)
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larva pupating inside the cocoon


Food Plant: Betula spp. (Birch)

Egg: Laid either side of a leaf, but usually underside

Mine: May, July

Notes: Makes a blotch mine between veins, distorting the leaf and with frass at one end of the blotch. It then makes two rolls, with the first often on the same leaf as the intial mine. The second roll starts at the tip and occupies the whole leaf. Confusion may occur with rolls made by the Tortricidae but these eat the upper epidermis of the roll, unlike C.betulicola. C.betulicola makes transverse rolls (as shown)- compare with C.populetorum, which makes longtudinal rolls. Tenanted mine on Birch, moth bred. (emerged 30.ix.2011, specimen retained). The larva is starting to pupate inside a white cocoon.

Data: 30.viii.2011, Carrikavrantry, Co Waterford, VCH6, Ireland

Image:© Tony Bryant

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