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37.021 Coleophora arctostaphyli Meder, 1934
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Food Plant: Arctstaphylos uva-ursi (Bearberry)

Egg: underside of leaf

Mine: Sept-April

Notes: Initially makes a narrow gallery mine in late autumn of the first year then overwinters in the mine. In the spring of the second year,in late April or May, it forms a blotch from which it cuts its oval case. The larva and first case are shown. It then mines the leaves. In late June to early August it aestivates, before feeding again and then constructing a final case by the following April. The ovum and case-bearing stage are described for the first time by Heckford & Beavan (2018).

Data: iv.2019, Muir of Dinnet, South Aberdeenshire, VC 92

Image:© Patrick Cook

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