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Phytoliriomyza melampyga (Zetterstedt, 1848)
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whitish blotch mines are formed, initially linear


Food Plant: Impatiens spp. (Balsam) -particularly I.noli-tangere (Touch-me-not Balsam) and I parviflora (Small Balsam)

Mine: July-August

Pupa: Pupation external; puparium reddish-brown; posterior spiracles each with 3 spiracular pores

Notes: The larva forms a narrow linear mine in the first instar, laterp roducing a large irregular whitish blotch with conspicuous black frass. The species is widespread in Europe, including Denmark,Finland, Norway and Sweden, and is also recorded from Canada and the U.S.A

Image:© Brian Pitkin

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