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Pegomya flavifrons (Walker, 1849)
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a large deep blotch

Food Plant: Silene dioica (Red Campion), Stellaria media (Common Chickweed), Stellaria holostea (Greater Stitchwort). Robbins also recorded it from Lychnis coronaria (Catchfly) and Myosoton (Water Chickweed).

Mine: Bivoltine: late spring & late summer

Pupa: Outside the mine

Notes: A gallery then a blotch, larger and deeper than Amauromyza flavifrons. In large leaves the mine is upper surface and all in one piece. In small leaves the whole leaf may be covered by a full depth mine with the larva mining several leaves. Locally common.

Data: hebarium specimen coll: Rob Edmunds

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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