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Pegomya bicolor (Wiedemann, 1817)
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forms a blotch mine

Food Plant: Begonia semperflorens (Begonia), Persicaria maculosa (Redshank), Fallopia baldschuanicum (Russian Vine), Rumex acetosa (Common Sorrel), Rumex crispus (Curled Dock), Rumex longifolius (Northern Dock), Rumex obtusifolius (Broad-leaved Dock)

Mine: late Spring; late Summer

Notes: Forms a large blootch mine, which in small leaves may occupy the whole leaf. Several larvae may inhabit the same mine and several leaves may be mined. Mine shown on Fallopia baldschuanicum. Adults reared and dissected to confirm the identity.

Data: vii.2015, Ceredigion, VC46, Andrew Graham

Image:© Janet Graham

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