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Ophiomyia heringi Starý, 1930
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puparium dorsal view
puparium lateral view


Food Plant: Campanula persicifolia (Peach-leaved Bellflower), C. trachelium (Nettle-leaved Bellflower), Jasione montana (Sheep's-bit), Phyteuma sp. (Campions), Crepis biennis (Rough Hawksbeard), Hypochaeris radicata (Cat's-ear), Lapsana communis ( Nipplewort), Sonchus sp. (Thistles)

Mine: Summer & Autumn

Notes: Forms an external stem mine with frass in two unconnected broken strips. Pupariation is at the end of the mine in a black puparium (as shown). Note -the puparium is firmly adhered to the stem even after the epidermis has degraded away (Dorsal and lateral view of the same puparium). Puparia may also have a striped appearance with alternating light brown and black banding. An uncommon, but possibly overlooked species.

Data: 09.xi.2019, Hessle, South-east Yorkshire, VC61

Image:© Barry Warrington

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