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Melanagromyza moatesi Warrington, 2019
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Food Plant: Eupatorium cannabinum (Hemp Agrimony)

Mine: unknown at present (but puparia found November-May).

Notes: Puparia found low down in the stems (from 40-120mm from the base). The puparia can be separated from M.eupatorii (found on the same host) due to the presence of a strong central horn on each of the posterior spiracles (as shown), whereas M.eupatorii has posterior spiracles which are separated and with a very short central horn. Found at eleven sites across East Anglia (Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire) but may be more widespread.

Data: 2019, Eastern England, Graham Moates

Image:© Barry Warrington

Recording Grade: 4

Warrington, BP (2019) - A new species of the genus Melanagromyza (Dipetra, Agromyzidae) from eastern England , Dipterists Digest 26, 181-194

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