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Melanagromyza aeneoventris (Fallén, 1823)
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Food Plant: Cirsium arvense (Creeping Thistle), C. palustre (Marsh Thistle), C. vulgare (Spear Thistle), Senecio jacobaea (Common Ragwort); Elsewhere: Carduus spp, Inula spp.

Mine: unknown but adults seen in May - September (Papp L & Cerný M (2015))

Notes: Is an internal stem borer, pupariating in the stem. The puparium is a pale whitish to straw colour (as shown). The posterior spiracles are separated by approximately their own diameter and have a black central horn. Puparium in Senecio jacobaea (Common Ragwort)

Data: 29.xi.2020 ex mine 28.xi.2020, Downham Market, Norfolk, VC28

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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