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Liriomyza latigenis (Hendel, 1920)
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twisting mines


Food Plant: Senecio jacobaea (Ragwort)

Mine: September

Notes: Forms linear upper surface mines, which widen and may create a blotch-like appearance (resembling mines of Liriomyza erucifolii). The frasss may be scattered or in strings along the edge of the gallery. Most leaves contained more than one larva, with the majority having 2-6. Pupariation occurs externally and the exit slit is usually upper surface, with some being lower surface. The puparium is orange with the posterior spiracles having three bulbs, with the posterior bulb being much longer than the other two. This is a rare species in Europe and this is the first occurence in the UK (Warrington, 2018). This is the first description and illustration of the leaf mine of this species.

Data: 27.ix.2018, Thorne Moor, South Yorkshire, VC63

Image:© Barry Warrington

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