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Cerodontha unisetiorbita Zlobin, 1993
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Food Plant: Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis (Bamboo)

Mine: December- January (in Europe August-October)

Notes: The mines are pale-green intially (as shown), but turn brown with ageing. They are uppersurface and broad. A large leaf may contain several mines, which may merge. Pupation is in the mine. The puparium, which is flattened dorso-ventrally, is shown. The species was first described from Japan in 1993 and subsequently from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. This record is the first confirmed record in the UK (gen det Miloš Cerný) and the current northernmost limit of its distribution. In Europe this species also mines P.nuda, P.parvifolia, P.atrovaginata and Fargesia sp.

Data: 02.ii.2015, ex mine 29.xii.2014 .(The fly emerged on 11.ii.2015), a garden centre, Carkeel, Cornwall (VC2).

Image:© Bob Heckford

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