Dip: Agromyzidae
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Cerodontha pygmella (Hendel, 1931)
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Food Plant: Unknown in UK, but elsewhere: Calamagrostis spp. (Small-reed), Drymochloa spp., Festuca spp. (Fescue), Leucopoda spp.

Mine: July-October (in Europe)

Notes: The larvae live communallt and form long blotches, with greenish frass, on Poaceae. Pupariation occurs within the mine, forming a metallic black puparium. A previously unrecognised British species and found new to Wales (Warrington, 2019).



Recording Grade: 5

Warrington, BP (2019) - Cerodontha (Poemyza) pygmella (Hendel) (Diptera:Agromyzidae) new to Wales, and reinstatement as a British species, Dipterists Digest 26, 175-177

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