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Calycomyza humeralis (von Roser, 1840)
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large whitish blotch mine


Food Plant: Aster, A.tripolium (Sea Aster), Bellis (Daisy), Erigeron (Fleabane), E.canadensis (Canadian Fleabane)

Mine: Early Summer and Autumn

Pupa: inside the mine

Notes: The initial gallery by the first instar larva then leads to a whitish circular or oval upper surface blotch. The pupa is firmly fixed to the inside of the mine by an accumulation of frass. A widespread but local miner. Mine shown on Bellis (Daisy). On Sea Aster (A.tripolium) the mines appear pinkish (B.Warrington, pers.comm.).

Data: 29.x.2018, Downham Market, Norfolk, VC28

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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