Dip: Agromyzidae
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Chromatomyia centaurii (Spencer,1990)
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the larva forms a white blotch mine in the basal part of the leaf

Food Plant: Centaurium erythraea (Common centaury)

Mine: July

Notes: A local miner. The mine starts as a gallery, but this is engulfed by the upper surface blotch that eventually forms. This mine is in a basal leaf - right on the ground amongst the grasses etc. The mine is usually in basal part of leaf. The food plant is on most old quarries and many post-industrial sites in the south-east. The larva pupates in the mine and the spiracles protrude through the upper epidermis.

Data: 16.viii.2005, Upper Sundon Chalk Quarry, Bedfordshire, VC30

Image:© Colin Plant

Recording Grade: 2


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