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Cerodontha caricicola (Hering, 1926)
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Food Plant: Carex acutiformis (Lesser Pond Sedge), Carex pendula (Pendulous Sedge), Carex pseudocyperus (Cyperus Sedge)

Mine: July, Nov-Dec

Pupa: Inside the leaf gallery as shown. The initial pupa formed is dark brown - see top photograph (and may be yellowish), but tends to blacken over the winter (as shown in the lower photograph). The posterior spiracles are distinctive - consisting of a long curving part which has two smaller bulbs entwining its base.

Notes: The mine is a long gallery which is formed mostly in the apical parts of the leaf. Formerly Dizygomyza caricicola.
Mines confirmed from adults (det.David Gibbs, reference collection) which emerged 6.iii.2005 indoors. Female adult retained, coll. Rob Edmunds

Data: 19.ii.2005, Ash Vale, Surrey, VC17

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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