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Aulagromyza heringii (Hendel,1920)
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makes a blotch mine

ood Plant: Fraxinus excelsior (Ash)

Mine: September-November

Pupa: The larva pupates externally - it may also pupate internally (Warrington (pers.comm)

Notes: Local in Britain, widespread and local in Europe. The mine is an upper surface linear mine, becoming a blotch, with two rows of frass at the start of the mine. The mine turns black as it ages. Pupariation occurs within the mine with the anterior spiracles projecting through the epidermis (Warrington, 2021) in the UK. In Europe pupariation has been found to occur both internally and externally.

Data: 28.x.2013, Bocking, Braintree Essex, VC19

Image:© Stephen Rolls

Recording Grade: 1

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