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Agromyza abiens Zetterstedt,1848)
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Food Plant: Boraginacaeae such as Symphytum spp. (Comfrey spp.), Pulmonaria (Lungworts), Amsinckia micrantha (Common Fiddleneck)

Mine: late Spring and late Summer

Pupa: External to the mine

Notes: The initial narrow gallery contains frass in a double line. It then expands to form a blotch mine. Several larvae may occupy a leaf to form a large blotch. The mines may resemble those of A.myosotidis and care must be taken as the presence of single larvae in the mine is not indicative of A.mysotidis. Warringtom (pers.comm) reared single occupancy mines on Pentaglottis and Symphytum and all proved to be A.abiens. The puparium is shown in dorsal, ventral and lateral view (top;middle;bottom photo).

Data: 16.vi.2019 ex mine 11.vii.2018, Downham Market, Norfolk, VC28

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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