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Apteropeda orbiculata (Marsham, 1802)
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Food Plant: Polyphagus -  Ajuga (Bugle), Aster, Cirsium (Thistle), Cymbalaria muralis (Ivy-leaved Toadflax), Digitalis purpurea (Foxglove), Galeopsis (Hemp-nettle), Linaria (Toadflax), Plantago (Plantain), Primula (Primrose), Rhinanthus (Yellow Rattle), Scrophularia (Figwort), Stachys (Woundwort), Verbascum (Mullein), Veronica (Speedwell).

Mine: Spring

Notes: The initial mine is a shallow upper surface mine, which then becomes full depth, with a more marked line of frass. The dark headed larva is shown in the mine. This is the first record of this miner on Cymbalaria muralis; the adult was bred to confirm identity.

Data: 05.iv.2018, St Kew, East Cornwall, VC2

Image:© George Tordoff

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