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Bruchidius villosus (Fabricius, 1792)
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mine leads from eggs

Food Plant: Cytisus scoparius (Scotch Broom), Cytisus spp., Genista spp., Laburnum spp

Egg: laid on developing seed pod with up to 10 eggs on a pod. Eggs were usually found in pairs at this site (as shown).

Mine: June-July

Notes: After emergence from the egg the larvae enter the seed pod by a short mine (as shown in Cytisus scoparius) and feed on the seeds within, undergoing four instars before pupating within the pod. Found locally throughout the UK in habittas where the host plants occur such as woodland, parkland and wasteland. It was accidentally introduced into the USA but found to be an effective control agent for Scotch Broom. It is also used in New Zealnd similarly but less ferequently as it attacks other hosts too.

Data: vii.2021, Westleton, East Suffolk, VC25

Image:© John Chainey

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