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Phytomyza ranunculi (Schrank,1803)
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stem mine


Food Plant: Ranunculus spp.(Buttercup), especially R.acris (Meadow Buttercup) and R.repens (Creeping Buttercup)

Mine: Several generations throughout the year. Mines may be found even in winter and under snow! (Spencer, 1976). Rarely it also mines stems (as shown). This is possibly the first record of this behaviour. The larva is shown in the mine.

Notes: The frass, in the long upper-surface white corridor, look like strings of pearls. P.ranunculivora makes similar long linear mines but in this species the frass grains are separate. Pupation is external.

Data: 8.vi.2018 on R.acris, Hessle, South-east Yorkshire, VC61, Adults emerged 25.vi.2018 onwards

Image:© Barry Warrington

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