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Liriomyza sonchi Hendel, 1931
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external view of mine


Food Plant: Sonchus oleraceus (Smooth Sow-thistle) and other Sonchus (Thistle) spp. (In Germany, Arnoseris (Lambs Succory))

Mine: Bivoltine. late spring & summer

Pupa: Outside the mine

Notes: Forms a large upper surface blotch. Secondary feeding lines are visible. Scattered frass grains are seen in the mine. In the mine above the initial gallery has been absorbed into the blotch. Often several larvae feeding together. Widespread in South - London, Middlesex, Berkshire, Warwickshire, Co. Clare, Co. Wexford. Mine shown is on S.oleraceus

Data: 16.viii.2015, Downham Market, Norfolk, VC28

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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