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Chromatomyia aprilina (Goureau, 1851)
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galleries radiate from the central vein


Food Plant: Lonicera periclymenum (Honeysuckle)

Mine: Bivoltine: early summer and early autumn. (In some years a very early spring generation forms)

Pupa: Inside the mine. Pale green, white when empty.

Notes: Initially on the mid-rib from which there may be several short narrow galleries into the leaf. In the main gallery there may be alternate lower surface and upper surface stretches. Frass in conspicuous long streaks (as shown). Widespread, particularly in north and west. England, South Wales, Ireland. In early spring mines may form away from the midrib.

Data: 06.viii.2016, Glasdrum Wood, Argyllshire, VC98

Image:© Alan Watson Featherstone

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